Muscle Building By Exercises

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If you stimulate a muscle enough that it needs to adapt to make itself stronger, you’re going to add muscle mass and, of course, get stronger.

I’ve spoken about delayed onset muscular soreness before and mentioned that your muscles undergo a certain level of microtrauma if they are stressed sufficiently (This can be seen in the middle picture).

The body then rebuilds the muscle to be bigger and stronger (As seen in the bottom picture).

This process is often the cause of the soreness you experience post-workout.

This won’t make your muscles huge overnight though. It takes years of constant stimulation to truly see the major size and strength differences if you’ve been already working out. If you’re new to the gym, you’ll probably see faster gains ??.

The important thing is to always be consistent, be patient, and always push your body to be better and stronger (Make sure you do it safely and with great form on all exercises) ?.

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  1. 19:44 21.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  2. 21:51 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 30 reps

  3. 09:15 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  4. 09:11 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  5. 07:18 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Squats 20 reps

  6. 07:17 16.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 50 reps

  7. 07:05 15.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 50 reps

  8. 07:22 14.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 40 reps

  9. 11:11 09.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  10. 07:10 13.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 30 reps

  11. 08:38 08.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  12. 19:51 21.02.2023 @BOSS
    Decline Crunch 20 reps

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