Squat Depth. Does squat depth matter?

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Does squat depth matter? Of course it does, but so do your goals!⁣⁣

While it's most likely a good idea to include squats in your training program.. that doesn't meab everybody should squat the same way. ⁣⁣ In fact, full squats, parallel squats and even quarter squats can all have reasonings behind their use:⁣⁣


An ass-to-grass squat (squat well below parallel) can be beneficial if a lifter has the mobility to do so with good form. ⁣⁣

While going below parallel doesn’t seem to increase quadriceps activation, it has been show to increase gluteus maximus (glute) activation. The additional range of motion can also aid with greater functionality and great strength out of the deep squat position. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

A back squat performed to parallel generates the highest overall muscle activation. Quadriceps development is maximized by squatting to parallel, with no additional activity seen at higher flexion angles. Quadriceps, hamstrings, and gastrocnemius (outer calf muscle) activity generally increased as knee flexion increased, which supports athletes with healthy knees performing the parallel squat.


While on the other hand, if we train these muscles ag shorter lengths, then they will become very strong and able to exert high levels of force at those specific length, which in the case of jumping/sprinting/other very explosive sports, which can result in improved performance.

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  1. 19:44 21.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  2. 21:51 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 30 reps

  3. 09:15 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  4. 09:11 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  5. 07:18 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Squats 20 reps

  6. 07:17 16.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 50 reps

  7. 07:05 15.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 50 reps

  8. 07:22 14.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 40 reps

  9. 11:11 09.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  10. 07:10 13.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 30 reps

  11. 08:38 08.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  12. 19:51 21.02.2023 @BOSS
    Decline Crunch 20 reps

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