What gives pulling up on the chinning bar?

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For many people, exercising on the chinning bar is a common thing. The chinning bar is considered a very useful piece of exercise equipment for men, women and children. Exercise on the bar is even included in the school physical education program.

The chinning bar is a valuable piece of equipment for back and spine health. It is a great tool for improving posture, strengthening muscular corset and overall body health.

Physical exercises on the bar replace medicines and act as a preventive measure against immune weakness and, as a result, prevent numerous diseases. Because of a sedentary lifestyle, care should be taken to ensure that the body does not stagnate, thus not provoking hypodynamia. It is possible to support the health of the body even with irregular non-strength training, exercising or even just hanging on the bar. Although the effect will be much stronger if you exercise regularly and according to the built-up schedule, while observing the basic rules of the exercises on the chinning bar. It is better to hang for 1-2 minutes every day than for 10 minutes once a week.

Hanging on the chinning bar allows you to remove tension from the vertebrae, which accumulates throughout the day. The spine is stretched and the back muscles are stretched, thereby relaxing them. Stretching is recommended for musculoskeletal problems, as well as if there are minor dystrophic changes in the intervertebral discs, when the cartilage tissue is erased because the distance between the vertebrae is reduced and the curvature of the vertebra is altered.

The pulling up on the bar is a huge load on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, so you need to do the exercises correctly, so as not to harm the body, but on the contrary, to make it healthier. The first step is to do the exercises on the bar without weights so as to avoid injury and create a good basis for future physical development.

❗ Exercises on the chinning bar will strengthen your back, arms, and abs. In general, the benefits of the chinning bar for men, women and children are the same. What matters is how difficult and which exercises men, women and children prefer.

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  1. 19:44 21.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  2. 21:51 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 30 reps

  3. 09:15 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  4. 09:11 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  5. 07:18 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Squats 20 reps

  6. 07:17 16.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 50 reps

  7. 07:05 15.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 50 reps

  8. 07:22 14.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 40 reps

  9. 11:11 09.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  10. 07:10 13.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 30 reps

  11. 08:38 08.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  12. 19:51 21.02.2023 @BOSS
    Decline Crunch 20 reps

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