Jump Rope

Impact on muscles: Cardio
Equipment: Jump Rope


Take the rope in your hands and stretch by doing a couple of sets of single and double jumps. This way you will warm up well, prepare your cardiovascular and joint and ligament systems for hard work. At the same time you will tune up your psyche for increasing the intensity in jumping rope.

The movement should turn out explosive. The jump should be high enough so that you have time to spin the rope three times. Squat down a little, including the quadriceps and glutes, and jump up with your ankles slightly under you.

The rotation should start with biceps, about half of the first circular movement should be made by contraction of the biceps. Then the hands are involved in the work, you must have time to rotate them two and a half times at maximum speed, then you will have time to finish the rotation at the moment of landing and you can immediately proceed to the next repetition.

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  1. 19:44 21.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  2. 21:51 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 30 reps

  3. 09:15 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  4. 09:11 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  5. 07:18 17.03.2023 @BOSS
    Squats 20 reps

  6. 07:17 16.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 50 reps

  7. 07:05 15.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 50 reps

  8. 07:22 14.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 40 reps

  9. 11:11 09.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  10. 07:10 13.03.2023 @BOSS
    Press-Ups 30 reps

  11. 08:38 08.03.2023 @BOSS
    Pull-Ups 10 reps

  12. 19:51 21.02.2023 @BOSS
    Decline Crunch 20 reps

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